Passport Parental Consent – Form DS-3053


The passport parental consent, or statement of consent (Form DS-3053), is used in the event a minor (person under 16 years of age) is applying for a passport and only one of the parents/guardians can be present. Both parents/guardians must authorize the issuance of a minor’s passport and must provide the proper documentation of citizenship and guardianship. If one of them isn’t able to appear for the application process, the non-applying guardian must grant permission by completing a statement of consent and submitting it with the child’s DS-11 Form. The non-applying parent/guardian must sign Form 3053 in front of a notary and present a piece of government-issued photo identification. This identification must be photocopied (front and back) and submitted along with the parental consent form.

How to Write

Step 1 Download Form 3053 in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – Read page 1 of the consent form before continuing to page 2. On page 2, enter the following information into Sections (1) and (2):

Minor’s last name

Minor’s first name

Minor’s middle name

Minor’s date of birth

Select the box that applies to the type of authorization being validated under Section (3).


Step 3 – Under Section 4, “Statement Of Consent”, the non-applying guardian must include their name and the name of the minor applying for a passport. They must also provide their physical address, telephone number, and email address. The bottom part of Section 4 can only be completed in the presence of a notary public. This part must include the non-applying parent/guardian’s signature and the date.


Step 4 – Section 5 is to be completed by the notary public.


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