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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can a Notary Public charge?
    A Notary Public is permitted to set their pricing based on a variety of factors, only the actual per signature fee is mandated to a maximum of $15 per signature by the State of California. Notaries fees will vary based on the location of the signing, extra services provided, traffic hours, parking, etc. The state mandates that the maximum that can be charged per signature is $15. However, it does not mandate the amount that can be charged for additional services such as mobile service, printing, and shipping.
  • Are you a Notario Publico?
    No! While the direct translation to Spanish is Notario Publico, California notaries are not “Notario Publicos”. The duty of such title is similar to a lawyer, and is not related to the role and duties of a California Notary. Do not confuse the two, they are two separate titles and have completely different duties. It is in-fact illegal for a Notary Public to refer to themselves as a Notario Publico in California.
  • Can I be refused service by a Notary Public?
    Under certain conditions are notary may refuse to notarize for a member of the public. If the individual cannot meet the requirements for identification, or the document is not legally able to be notarized, then the notary must decline. If the person is unable or unwilling to submit payment in exchange for notarization, the notary is not obligated to provide free services. If you meet all requirements and offer payment for the services, the notary public is legally obligated to provide their services. A Notary serves the public and can be fined and their commission revoked for refusing to execute their duties as a public servant.
  • What Identification is required to notarize a document?
    There is reasonable reliance on any one of the following forms of identification, provided it is current or was issued within 5 years: a) An identification card or driver’s license issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles; b) A United States passport; c) An inmate identification card issued by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, if the inmate is in custody in California state prison; d) Any form of inmate identification issued by a sheriff’s department, if the inmate is in custody in a local detention facility; (e) A passport issued by a foreign government, provided that it has been stamped by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services; (f) A driver’s license issued by another state or by a Canadian or Mexican public agency authorized to issue driver’s licenses; (g) An identification card issued by another state; (h) Oaths of Two Credible Witnesses UNACCEPTABLE FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION INCLUDE: *MATRICULA CONSULAR CARD *SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS *TEMPORARY DRIVER'S LICENSES *STUDENT I.D. CARDS *DRIVER'S LICENSES FROM COUNTRIES OTHER THAN USA, MEXICO & CANADA
  • Can a document be notarized when the signer does NOT have proper identification?
    Yes, under certain circumstances. If the signer cannot provide proper I.D., the Notary Public may rely on the oath of TWO credible identifying witnesses.

Billing & Pricing

Our Pricing Packages

Accepted Payment Methods

At Arts District Notarial Services, we believe in transparent pricing without any hidden fees. Our pricing is competitive and depends on the type of notarial service you require. Please contact us for a detailed pricing quote for your specific needs.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes plans change, and you may need to cancel your notarial service appointment. We kindly ask that you give us at least ONE hour notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment. For cancellations made in less than ONE hour, the prepaid service fee will be forfeited.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Arts District Notarial Services, we strive to provide high-quality and reliable notarial services to our clients. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right.

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