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Application for Replacement or Transfer of Title-DMV (REG 227)

dmv reg 227, application for transfer of title

If the original California Certificate of Title is lost, stolen, damaged, hard to read, or is a paperless title, you need to get a duplicate. To do this, fill out an Application for Replacement or Transfer of Title (REG 227) form. This must be done by the legal owner (LO) of a car that's two years old or newer, or by the registered owner (RO) if there’s no LO, and include the replacement fee.

You cannot use a Lien Satisfied/Title Holder Release (REG 166) form or any other lien releases for cars two years old or newer. Only the LO can request the title. You don't need to pay renewal fees or parking violations to get a replacement Certificate of Title.

For details on what to do if you’re submitting a REG 227 with a transfer application, check Chapter 11. Visit the DMV website for more information.

Verifying RO Name and Address

Before sending in a replacement title application for the RO, make sure the name and address on the REG 227 match DMV records. This is important for mail applications but not if the LO is applying or if there's a transfer involved.

Submit the following:

  • A completed REG 227 with:

    • Section 1: RO’s name, address, driver’s license/ID number

    • Section 3: Missing Title Statement

  • If submitted by a registration service and the RO’s name or address doesn’t match DMV records, include a Registered Owner Notarized Certification (REG 5065) form with:

    • Section 1: Completed by the RO (only one signature needed even if there are multiple ROs)

    • Section 2: Completed by the registration service

    • Section 3: Completed by the notary (give us a call!)

A REG 5065 form is not needed if submitted by a lienholder, dealer, dismantler, insurer, insurer’s agent, salvage pool, business, or court-appointed bankruptcy referee, regardless of matching DMV records.

Include any pieces of a damaged or unreadable title.

If DMV records show a replacement title was issued in the last 90 days and the address doesn’t match the vehicle records, include a Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form completed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Also, include the replacement title fee and any other fees.

Steps to Follow When Presenting REG 227 In Person at the DMV:

  1. Verify the applicant’s photo DL/ID card and write the DL/ID number in the top right corner of the REG 227.

  2. Review the REG 227 for the correct vehicle description, RO name, address, and DL/ID number shown in the designated space (or in Section 1 if there is no designated space).

For more information regarding this service, visit the DMV website for any f.a.q.s.

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